NumbDesign started its small business enterprise immediately after the owner graduatedfrom Carleton University. We have been loyally serving the local community for well over five years.

Karl tries not to let too much stop his endeavours, even though he suffers from quadriplegia due to an automobile accident.

The 'Numb' in NumbDesign has two meanings:

  1. It's a shortened form of 'Northumberland County', the community and region where Karl was born and raised.
  2. Due to Karl's paralysis, he is essentially numb (lacking feeling) on >75% of his body.

Prinicples of our business are: attention to detail, punctuality, efficiency, common sense, and that the customer is always right! These are all virtues and characteristics we're proud of.

Few can honestly say that they love their job; but we can! We hope the love and care we put into our work reflects our dedication and passion.




  • "Provided great web design at a very reasonable rate" - 43north.ca

  • "Without NumbDesign putting together my website, I would not have received the business or recognition. Thankyou NumbDesign for such a professional job." - andegashepherds.com

  • "I was very happy to know that Karl was still designing websites when I started my own business venture. He is extremely helpful, detail oriented, works at a fast pace to complete your requested tasks. When push turns to shove, Karl gets the job done! Many hours spent with dedication and perseverance we all came away smiling. I'm a satisfied customer, with an amazingly well excuted web design. I recommend Numb Design to anyone for all their website needs. Many deserving thank-you's" - Arts & Stitches

  • "NumbDesign has been a great company to work with. They have always been prompt when I need help, and the quality of the work is beyond what I expected. With the work that they have done for me, I expected to pay far more. It all boils down to that good old fashion service that you don't tend to find in high-tech times. Karl was great to work with, and flexible to meet our needs. Thanks again Karl. Job VERY well done!" - jimcorkery.com

  • "We recently had our websites built by NumbDesign, and we could not be more thrilled with the outcome. It is extremley user friendly and it looks incredible! We would definitely recommend NumbDesign to any one in need of a website. We definitely will be using them again in the future!" - limestonesteakhouse.ca & riccospizza.ca

  • "After 2 years and trying 4 different Real Estate Agents to sell my home, we decided to try it on our own with help of Numb Design, who created a beautifully detailed, professional and easy-to-navigate website. We were ecstatic with the results, as it showed how many hits it got every day and we found our buyer in no less than 2 weeks! Great job Numb Design, your talent, tips & enthusiasm made it happen for me! Thanks so much," - Magma

  • "Its rare that one may find someone so practical and creative at the same time. Down to earth, efficient and up to date. I recommend Numb Design for any type of business." - northumberlandentertainment.com

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